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Music 121: The place where I live

A geography lesson! With impending house-moving (still looking) I thought a bit of music attempting to capture the place where I currently live would be nice.

This photograph is taken from the beach near Levin, my current place of abode. Looking south, hopefully the maps and picture below might put things into some context. The island is Kapiti Island, now a bird sanctuary for many of New Zealand’s endangered species. (New Zealand split off from the rest of the world before mammals were invented – so a huge number of the native birds are flightless).

Kapiti Island is the last peak of a gigantic mountain range that over millions of years has folded into the sea (the Tasman Sea). The Tasman Sea separates Australia from New Zealand and is referred to as “The Ditch”. For those with keener eyesight, the South Island can just be made out in the photo on the left of the horizon.



Music 117: Princess Flower

That’s the trouble with being popular: people call you all sorts of things! This plant, the Princess Flower, is also called the Glory Bush, the Purple Glory Bush, and Lasiandra. It’s Latin name is Tibcuchina urvilleana, and it used to be Tibcuchina semidecandra! Whatever! It’s lovely by any name.

Music 116: An erudite cat

The cat is happy to occupy the piano stool. The woven seat cover has a quotation in Latin from the poet Horace:

Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.
The mountains will go into labour, a ridiculous mouse will pop out.

Perhaps it’s the mouse the cat is waiting for!