Music 475-478: Four little almost waltzes

There will be music postings for today and the two days that follow, and then we will be back to normal!

Here are four waltzes (almost) for piano. A couple of them have been posted here before in a different context, e.g. “His first waltz” was part of “Little Suite 2 with fifteen sketches”.

They’re “almost” waltzes because the third one would require two and a half legs to dance to.

Here then are “Four little almost waltzes”:

1. The night’s still young – audio HERE; sheet music HERE
2. His first waltz – audio HERE; sheet music HERE
3. Almost a waltz – audio HERE; sheet music HERE
 4. The wallflower – audio HERE; sheet music HERE


16 thoughts on “Music 475-478: Four little almost waltzes

      1. Yvonne

        The girls used to sit and wait to be asked to dance, and all those cute fellows on the other side of the room were agonising because they really wanted to dance with that nice girl, but were too self-conscious to ask. And neither side knew what was going on in the other side’s heads!

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  1. Badfinger (Max)

    My favorite one hands down is the second one “His First Waltz”… I like the first one after that. I like the timing in a lot of waltz melodies.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks Max – it’s the most trad thing I’ve written. (You’re not going to much like today’s posting – coming up!) It’s 1940s “classical” where all 12 scale notes in a pre-arranged order have to be played before repeating any of the notes. It’s called Serialism and led easily into early beeps and “music” of the computer age because it was mathematical.

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