Music 486-546: All sorts

The last posting of music was on July 14th. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been composing (or decomposing). The problem is that I have written so much music since then that I’m going to post it all at once in a big block! That way I do not expect anyone to listen to it. But it will serve as part of a fulsome catalogue which this blog partly exists for.

The link will take any clicker to another page that had copious links to both the written music and the audio. For example if you want the written music to play on a clarinet then it’s there – although really you should learn to play the clarinet first.

The list of links includes:

Piano Sonata No. 7 in 3 movements for piano
6 Little Dances for piano
4 Humoresques for piano
3 Badineries for piano
24 Miniatures (one in every major and minor key) for piano
4 trios for 2 clarinets and piano
5 Rustic Dances
A couple of Christmas Carols arranged for piano

Click HERE to get to the page of links.


10 thoughts on “Music 486-546: All sorts

  1. Yvonne

    If I learn to play the saxaphone in the next day or so, are there any pieces arranged for that sexy instrument?

    You have so many talents, Bruce. I know you are very humble and will deny that, but your followers know the truth. Cynthia is nodding from wherever she is.

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Saxophones come in different keys. Sopranino is in Eb, Soprano is in Bb, Alto is in Eb, Tenor is in Bb, Baritone is in Eb, Bass is in Bb, Contrabass is in Eb. I’m not sure which one you are intending to learn this afternoon?


      1. Badfinger (Max)

        Bruce, you never turn off, do you? That is so impressive.

        Well, I went through all…I can’t help it, Bruce…I had to. Ok here is what I made notes of . The Rustic Dance numbers I liked a lot. The miniatures I will have to come back to because of the sheer volume…I started to lose my place but I liked what I heard….and of course, I liked both the Christmas songs.
        Below are my favorites minus the Miniatures.

        rustic dance 1
        rustic dance 2
        rustic dance 4
        rustic dance 5

        dialog 4

        Badinerie III

        Sonata 3

        Dance 1

        2nd movement

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Max you are so generous, thank you. I really appreciate your feedback. Now you’ve got me having to listen to everything myself to find out which is which! Thanks again – you’re a mighty friend!

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