Music 474: Rondo adagio

We continue the streak of no-stories today while we catch up with some music postings.

Today’s music is called Rondo adagio. For those who don’t know and have wondered all their life what a Rondo is, it’s when the original tune (Section A) keeps coming back. So the form of a Rondo is something like: Tune A, Tune B, Tune A, Tune C, Tune A.

Here then is Rondo adagio. Click HERE for the audio, and HERE for the sheet music.


5 thoughts on “Music 474: Rondo adagio

  1. Badfinger (Max)

    So it’s not like a suite exactly then. Remember I have no music theory knowledge…I heard parts though that keep coming back like a central theme in some songs. I love the music it’s beautiful.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      You don’t need any theory to be good at music! One of my favourite composers is Charles Ives (an American billionaire accountant). He did know theory but he seems to have ignored most of it. For example he would have several orchestras and bands all playing different things at once – The Fourth of July!

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