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Music 436-438: Three Etudes

Here are three Etudes for piano. Basically an Etude is an exercise for improving on a specific skill in playing a specific instrument, but people like Chopin managed to turn them into pieces good enough to play in a concert.

Etude 1: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
Etude2: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
Etude3: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Music 417: Telling Secrets

Here is a piece of music for String Orchestra.

Telling Secrets (for String Orchestra) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

(Incidentally, the numbering of the music postings has got a bit out of sync so today’s number, although out of kilter, should put the counting back to right!)

Music 432-434: Three Christmas Carols in Partial Disguise

Here are three short pieces for piano – basically me messing around with three different Christmas Carols. See if you can recognize them!

Carol 1: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
Carol 2: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
Carol 3: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Joyful Days – Sunday

Hello Everyone – Today I’m going to do something different for a week and give myself a break. I am going to post a piano piece each day – Sunday to Saturday – and I’ve called the collection “Joyful Days”. Basically I think they’re happy pieces, and are modelled a little bit on Ragtime Music.

I thought of posting all seven days of the week at once and then decided to do it each day. Some are quite short.

So those of you who are not into piano music can take a break too, and I’ll see you all (hopefully) on November 14th!

So here is today’s Joyful Day: Sunday!

Click HERE for the audio. Click HERE for a pdf of the written music.