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Music 162-176: Little Suite in Fifteen Sketches

Hi Everyone!

This is to “advertise” my “Little Suite in Fifteen Sketches” for the piano. The style of music is not everyone’s cup of tea, so I’m offering them as a separate link. Clicking here will download a pdf file that contains the written piano music and each piece has a link so you can hear the music. It’s all free! Some of you will think the music has got some wrong notes in it, but I always think that wrong notes make for a lot of fun!

Maybe some famous pianist (better than me!) will download them and play the pieces at a concert resulting in a standing ovation. Or a film star might use the music in an award-winning movie. Or maybe a ballet company will use the 15 little sketches to tell a story – perhaps revolving around the Commedia dell’Arte characters.

One of my new year resolutions was to write 15 little sketches for piano during the year. To my surprise it’s already been done! Who said I couldn’t stick to New Year resolutions!

I hope everyone is well! Don’t feel guilty if you don’t like these! I adore them!!!

Here is a list of links to the audios if you don’t need to see the written music!

  1. Opening curtains
  2. Columbine’s pirouette
  3. Daisy chains
  4. Starlight
  5. Old cowboy yarns
  6. Hornets’ nest
  7. Snake in the grass
  8. Zanni’s grand entrance
  9. Grasshoppers
  10. Dahlias
  11. Walking on eggshells
  12. Hurdles race
  13. His first waltz
  14. Pierrot takes a bow
  15. Closing curtains


Music 161: Cheers! and Thanks!

This is my last musical posting on this blog. For over three years I have posted a musical composition every week, and it’s time perhaps to let the well run dry or renew itself.

Thanks to all who have patiently listened over the 161 weeks! A good number of the pieces – perhaps 90% – were written for children. These days I’m not so surrounded by them as I used to be! The blog continues, but the music fades!

Thanks! and Cheers!

Music 159: Early morning snow clearing

I remember it only too well in Quebec – early risings on freezing mornings to clear the driveway snow to get to work. It’s winter here in New Zealand now, but no snow like this. And of course, it’s not Christmas as in the picture – some place on Earth it’s the 4th of July!

Music 157: Bird nesting

(Hi Everyone – am I the only one in the world getting 40/50 spam messages a day on WordPress that simply say “What?” I’m getting sick of it. And four times now, over the years, my comments have been usurped, and insulted people I follow (in some cases for years) by whoever the bastard is… I thought by ignoring it they would go away but they haven’t. And now this complaint will probably encourage them. Anyway, here’s today’s post…)

Bird nesting!