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Music 436-438: Three Etudes

Here are three Etudes for piano. Basically an Etude is an exercise for improving on a specific skill in playing a specific instrument, but people like Chopin managed to turn them into pieces good enough to play in a concert.

Etude 1: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
Etude2: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
Etude3: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Music 417: Telling Secrets

Here is a piece of music for String Orchestra.

Telling Secrets (for String Orchestra) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

(Incidentally, the numbering of the music postings has got a bit out of sync so today’s number, although out of kilter, should put the counting back to right!)

Music 432-434: Three Christmas Carols in Partial Disguise

Here are three short pieces for piano – basically me messing around with three different Christmas Carols. See if you can recognize them!

Carol 1: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
Carol 2: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
Carol 3: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.