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Music 101: A plagal cadence


Let me tell you a story (or two) to celebrate the last of the music postings! As some of you know, almost every note of the music over the last 101 compositions has been composed using only the computer mouse and a free program downloaded off the net! I have no electronic music keyboard, so everything gets composed with little clicks! Quite a few years ago, in my young teaching days, I had an electronic keyboard – a Korg! What a wonderful thing it was! As technology developed, it could be connected up to the computer. I lent it for a year to a student of mine called Craig. He used it in a rock band at university, although his main strength was playing the double bass in an orchestra. The Korg died not long after its return, and I’ve never had a music keyboard since; hence the challenge (and fun) of trying to compose something with just a mouse! I see that Craig lives in Paris these days. His assets are valued in the multi-millions! I dream that he’ll one day phone me up out of the blue and say “How’d you like another Korg!”

When I lived in North Carolina my next door neighbour was Mr. Robert Moog, the inventor of the Moog synthesiser. He’s passed on now. I never met him personally.

Thanks for listening over these last 101 compositions. As you may know, the monthly poems ceased on the 1st of this month with five limericks; and the daily stories, with story 1001, finish this coming Thursday the 7th. That’s tomorrow! Amen! And for those who know music theory, that’s usually a plagal cadence!

Music 96: Thinking of springtime


Here in the depths of winter I’m thinking springtime!

The hawthorn next to my mailbox stands barren! There’s an ancient Irish story: if a hawthorn grows alone, the fairies live there and hang ribbons. They grant any wish you make.

My hawthorn has ribbons. The fairies live there. I have made a wish.