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Music 102: Eternal ragtime

Detail from Cantoria by Luca della Robbia (1400-82) in Florence’s Museo dell’Opera dell Duomo.

When the choirs of Heaven and Hell combined for a ragtime concert I was fortunate enough to be able to record a slice. The music was a disaster, but the mischievous cherubs rather enjoyed it.

A personal announcement

An announcement to the multitudinous personages who follow my blog:

Greetings! ONE (and all)!

I’ve been in Neverland since finishing the 1001 stories, the 101 pieces of music, and assorted monthly poems in July 2016 – caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, caught between Scylla and Charybdis, caught between a rock and a hard place…

So I’ve decided I’m going to restart “A Story a Day”, with (at least for a time) the weekly bit of musical composition, and poems throughout each month using a set form.

Please just give me time to get things get started. I have to build up a “backlog” before beginning in order to prevent a breakdown! As some of you know, I’ve had chronic heart disease for the last 25 years – it takes me half an hour to put a shoe on! (Then there’s the other shoe!) So I don’t like stress!

Finally, so many of you have been an inspiration to me – with your writing and painting and photographing and blogging. But there’s three in particular I would like to thank for rekindling the desire to do something creative again: the late Cynthia Jobin (her WordPress site is now down, but how did she create such wonderful poetry and manage to involve herself with half of the bloggers in the world?); a former music student of mine, Jeremy Cullen, who earns a living (there are quite a few of them actually!) from being a professional music composer who recently sent me a CD of his piano music; and Uma from India who posts extraordinary reflections and stories and poetry emanating from some sort of sub-continental “dark night of the soul” – a world so unknown to me. These people should know that they strike a match and start creative fires…

OK – thanks for reading – I’ll get organised and begin soon!


Music 101: A plagal cadence


Thanks for listening over these last 101 compositions. As you may know, the monthly poems ceased on the 1st of this month with five limericks; and the daily stories, with story 1001, finish this coming Thursday the 7th. That’s tomorrow! Amen! And for those who know music theory, that’s usually a plagal cadence!