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An Announcement

Hi Everyone. I shall be hovering rather erratically around this blog in the next few days. So I thought I would say why and prevent the thousands of you from going into a period of excited anticipation in the hope that some terrible thing had happened to me and would I ever recover etc etc. I’m fine!

Yesterday morning (3rd May) one of my brothers, Rick, had a sudden heart attack and died. So I shall be doing my best to get to his funeral on Friday which is a four-hour drive away.

Four years ago Rick caught a viral infection in his eyes and went blind in one eye and largely blind in the other. Two years ago he had both legs amputated and was just now learning again to walk on his artificial limbs. He was having a race with his youngest grandson as to which one of them would learn to walk first! His passing, despite these setbacks, has naturally come as a big shock.

So all in all I shall only spasmodically attend to comments and the like – if at all. There are stories waiting in line to be posted so these will still appear, but the numbering will be a bit messed up!

With Covid doing its thing, income here has been a little tight, so this year Rick had been paying my rent – so I owe him one.

A little bit about him can be found HERE.



Music 371-382: Twelve Preludes in Search of a Key

Hi – you don’t have to like these (you already know I have an inferiority complex when it comes to music) but I like them anyway – and you don’t have to. Probably my favourite thing I’ve created – at least for today.

It all began with Prelude 2, which came to me in a dream and I lay awake for the rest of the night scared I would forget how it went!

In my dream I played it on a piano in a pub, and everyone left! Have a listen to see why!

Prelude 1 (starting on the note C) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 2 (starting on the note Db) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 3 (starting on the note D) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 4 (starting on the note Eb) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 5 (starting on the note E) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 6 (starting on the note F) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 7 (starting on the note Gb) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 8 (starting on the note G) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 9 (starting on the note Ab) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 10 (starting on the note A) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 11 (starting on the note Bb) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

Prelude 12 (starting on the note B) – audio HERE, sheet music HERE.

1795. Future classroom dialogue – c. 2162 CE

Student: Excuse me Miss. Do we really have to study this?

Ms. Honeybun: Yes, Zenith. It’s written by a great writer. It will stretch your imagination. It will open your eyes to possibilities.

Student: But we have already studied his novel and poems, and now we’re expected to study his short stories. Why can’t we study someone interesting, like Shakespeare or Emily Bronte or Thorkel X. Kaftan. (Note: Thorkel X. Kaftan didn’t appear on the literary scene until around 2098 CE).

Ms. Honeybun: Shakespeare is so very yesterday and greatly overrated. In my opinion we are studying the greatest writer since Euripides.

Student: But Euripides wrote plays. This stupid idiot didn’t write plays.

Ms. Honeybun: He’s not a stupid idiot, Zenith. And oh yes, he did write plays. His plays are the next thing on the syllabus we will be studying.

Student: I hate having things shoved down my throat.

Ms. Honeybun: When you are older you will thank me for having so forcibly introduced you to this lustrous author. Euripides and Bruce Goodman are undoubtedly the two greatest writers in the history of the world.

Second Student: Speaking on behalf of the rest of the class, we simply adore what you are teaching us, Miss Honeybun.

Ms. Honeybun: Thank you, Echinacea. I’m glad most of the class recognize greatness when they see it. Now could you please all turn to Story 1795: Future classroom dialogue.

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