1693. Huberta and Hubert

As if having the name of Huberta wasn’t bad enough… She’d gone and fallen in love with a man whose name was Hubert. “Huberta and Hubert” sounded doubly bad. “You are cordially invited to the wedding of Huberta and Hubert”. And so on.

Huberta practiced writing out the combination in all sorts of situations. Mind you, she simply scribbled it in the back of a notebook. “Huberta and Hubert announce the birth of their first child”; “Huberta and Hubert are booked on a Mediterranean cruise”; “Huberta and Hubert celebrate their golden wedding anniversary.”

Huberta suddenly snapped out of her reverie when the bell rang. That was the end of Mathematics class.

Oh if only Hubert would notice her and ask her out!

16 thoughts on “1693. Huberta and Hubert

  1. arlingwoman

    I was terrified in math class. Never daydreamed. Well, algebra, not maths. 1a+1b = WTF? did I miss the class with the alphabet times tables? And that n= thing. Just give me the blasted number or numbers to figure it out with.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Bruce Goodman Post author

        Thanks Alex – I shall probably pat myself all over. Somehow I missed your first comment – I wasn’t ignoring it! These days very little to do with most of my anatomy is not very good visually!!!



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