1692. The Forgotten World Highway

Today’s story is a photo-story. The story is in the first two photos (in case you miss it!) They are taken five minutes from where I live, and several meters only from each other! Do fill-up before you see this sign!

The Forgotten World Highway is a pretty rough road of about 150 kilometres (about 93 miles) going from Stratford (where I live) to a town called Taumarunui. It takes about 2½ hours – provided you don’t run out of gas! It’s a popular tourist route. Below are some photos to give you a taste of why it’s advisable to “fill-up” the car before leaving. (And there’s no cell phone coverage!)


22 thoughts on “1692. The Forgotten World Highway

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I thought people would miss the story! The petrol station is derelict and abandoned but the sign is still there! The Forgotten World Highway is an “experience”. One drives through Whangamomona town- which declared itself a Republic quite a few years back. It has a pub and a couple of houses (and no petrol station). People stop there for a drink just to say they visited the Republic of Whangamomona. At least the NZ Government has a sense of humour because when you leave, the road sign says”Welcome to New Zealand!”

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  1. badfinger20

    I love that tunnel and bridge… That looks like a great biking place…either bicycle or motorcycle. The tunnel looks really narrow.

    You need to fill a need, Bruce… “Bruce’s Petrol Station” or “Bruce’s Towing Service” whichever you prefer.

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  2. umashankar

    Those images leave us in no doubt about the ‘forgotten world’. Apparently, one needs to have a surfeit of ennui, apart from gas, to travel from Stratford to Taumarunui. I am afraid a Subcontinental nerd like me is going to choke upon the sheer solitude of the trail.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      New Zealand, being long and skinny, has excellent roads going from top to bottom. The roads going from side to side can leave a little to be desired because generally speaking ranges of mountains separate one side from the other. Roads keep crumbling into rivers and so on. Having said that, there would be enough history and flora and fauna in the trip to satisfy many a Subcontinental nerd!

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