891. Taken


Something strange is going on. I only went out to the front gate. I know I’m not meant to go further than the front gate, as it’s too near the road. But I did, just for a look.

This car stopped, the back door opened and I was bundled inside.

Now I seem to be in this room full of men exchanging money and standing around something that looks like a kids’ sand pit. And, oh goodness me! There’s pit-bull terriers about and they’ve put one into the sand pit, and the men are exchanging money, and now they’re picking me up and going to put me into the sand pit with the vicious pit-bull terrier and I’m only a little springer spaniel puppy and I’m going to get torn to bits…

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21 thoughts on “891. Taken

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I replaced yesterday’s story – which was a cruel story about a cat. And thought I would replace this one as well, but in the end thought I was being too prissy and just left it. I’ve rescheduled the cat for May. The horrid thing is that “dog fighting” is still a secret activity done with stolen dogs.


      1. Susanne

        Yes, I’m aware of the illegal dog fights which is why this story made my stomach hurt. I have a friend who works at a pet store and a cat rescue centre and she tells me all kinds of awful stories about cruelty to animals.

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  1. thecontentedcrafter

    You have uncovered something I try very hard to keep from my mind. Two dogs just like my Siddy have gone missing in the past six months. I don’t believe in living in fear, or worrying – they are negative and wasted emotions. But I do keep him away from the street. Awful people who do such things!!

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      1. Cynthia Jobin

        Once, when I locked myself out of the car–with my house keys attached to the car keys—I needed to break into my house to get the extra set of keys. So I climbed up on to the bulkhead near the kitchen window, and broke a window to get inside. My dog—who was supposed to be a good watch dog—did not bark at the sound of a burglar breakiing glass, but just ambled into the kitchen and stood there looking at me, wagging her tail as if to say: why are you coming into the house that way, instead of through the door?

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