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1008. A dollar each way


I like to put a dollar or two on the horses. Not much, mind. Just a dollar each way, here and there. Once I won almost nine hundred dollars. Nine hundred dollars! Can you imagine that!

My wife – well my ex-wife actually, but that’s another story – she didn’t like me putting the occasional dollar on the horses. She used to think that there were better things to spend money on. Dresses and stuff I suppose. Yeah right. And lipstick and junk.

When they took the kids away she upped and left. She’d had enough she said. The judge gave her custody of the kids eventually. But I don’t see anything wrong with it. Just a dollar here and there, each way. Occasionally.

891. Taken


Something strange is going on. I only went out to the front gate. I know I’m not meant to go further than the front gate, as it’s too near the road. But I did, just for a look.

This car stopped, the back door opened and I was bundled inside.

Now I seem to be in this room full of men exchanging money and standing around something that looks like a kids’ sand pit. And, oh goodness me! There’s pit-bull terriers about and they’ve put one into the sand pit, and the men are exchanging money, and now they’re picking me up and going to put me into the sand pit with the vicious pit-bull terrier and I’m only a little springer spaniel puppy and I’m going to get torn to bits…

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