1381. Poor pawpaw

Wayne’s mother was a solo mother. She didn’t have much to go on. She put Wayne first of course. She always packed him as nice a lunch for school as possible, even though it usually wasn’t much.

On this particular day, all she had was one small pawpaw. Wayne took it to school.

During the lunch break he sat next to Lawrence. Lawrence’s parents were rather well off. For lunch he had some ham sandwiches, and an orange, and a big slice of chocolate cake. When he saw Wayne’s pawpaw he said that he had never tasted a pawpaw, and could he have it. So Wayne gave him his pawpaw.

Then Wayne asked if he could have a bit of Lawrence’s chocolate cake. Lawrence said no he couldn’t. So Wayne had nothing for lunch, and Lawrence had ham sandwiches, an orange, a big slice of chocolate cake, and a pawpaw.

The world is divided into haves and have nots; winners and losers. Guess who is the loser in this tale!

13 thoughts on “1381. Poor pawpaw

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      A laxative is an excellent idea. And the chocolate cake could be laced as well. In fact I can see a whole class of school kids lacing stuff. I think I’ll write a novel and call it “Lord of the Flies”!

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  1. umashankar

    It being a Goodman fable, it’s tempting to award the medal to Lawrence but Wayne has most definitely the highest ever claim to that. Had I been in Wayne’s shoes, I would have tried to force out an Agreement for Lawerence to hand over 50% of his lunch for the next Five years to me in exchange of one afternoon’s supply of pawpaw.

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