1466. Daredevil

Eddie always joked as a kid, when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, that he wanted to be a daredevil. He loved stories of people being shot from cannons, or motorbikes jumping over cars, or people going over huge waterfalls in barrels.

“It’s a stuntman, not a daredevil,” his father used to say. “And it’s not a good idea to be one of those unless you want to die early.”

Eddie took no notice. He set up a rope, only a few feet off the ground, and taught himself to walk a tightrope. Now that he was a teenager he found an even scarier challenge. If he climbed over the barricade fence at the local raging waterfall where the sign said DANGER! KEEP OUT! he could walk the slippery ledge that went underneath the waterfall and came out the other side. It was a clever thing he displayed to his friends. His girlfriend used to shriek in fear but secretly she rather admired his daring.

Anyway, he last did it several weeks ago. They still haven’t found the body.

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