2438.  Grandpa puts his finger on it

(In 2437 stories we’ve never had a guest story-teller! The other day,  Noelle of SaylingAway, left a family tale in the comments which I repost here for all to see. Thank you Noelle!)

My son was not quite five when he started school (kindergarten). He took the bus after school all by himself to the YMCA. We were called by the YMCA Director after a week or two because she said he was making inappropriate gestures at the other children. We met her with my son and she told us he’d been giving the other children the middle finger. When we asked him about this, he said yes, he did, and held up his hand with his middle finger up but bent at the first joint.

I asked him what that meant and he said his grandfather did it (my Dad had terrible arthritis and couldn’t fully extend his finger) and had told my son when he did it, “This means I won’t be going to heaven.” The director sputtered and said we needed to tell our son what it really meant and not to do it. We laughed all the way home.


17 thoughts on “2438.  Grandpa puts his finger on it

    1. noelleg44

      My son only knew his granddad for another year. He once asked me if Pop-pops (his name for my dad) would know him when he got to heaven, because he’d be all grown up. I told him Pop-pops would see him as a little boy, and that seemed to be the right answer. Kids!

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  1. Chel Owens

    I had a son who got in trouble for writing the word on notes and distributing them. I told his shocked teacher that we’d never taught him that word, least of all how to spell it correctly; sure enough, another boy in the class spelled it out for our son and challenged him to hand it round.

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