2439. It’s a clown’s life

When José joined the circus as a clown three years ago it was the last thing he wanted to do. He found it humiliating walking round in oversized shoes squirting water through a fake rose on his lapel and distributing balloons to children. Ha! Ha! Ha! He knew he wasn’t very good at it, but a job is a job.

It was almost inevitable that something calamitous could happen, and it did. He was giving out balloons to little kiddies and squirting water on the rude ones.

Sitting there slap-bang in the front was a widow with her three children. José couldn’t avoid giving the children a balloon each. But would the widow see through his clown disguise? Would she recognize him as the guy who three years earlier had murdered her husband?


14 thoughts on “2439. It’s a clown’s life

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Yes, sort of intended Uma. These days I’m not feeling to be much of a bright spark! I’m dragging myself to 2500 stories and this time (I think) that has to be it!


  1. Nitin Lalit

    Only in one of your stories would a hitman become a clown. It’s crazy, these journeys you’ve taken us on over the years, Bruce. Aliens, geeks, clowns, gardeners, professors, clergymen. You’ve done it all. Well almost all. I’ve read science fiction with murderous twists by you, but never a dark fantasy featuring a doomed chosen one and a dark lord. A page out of a Robert Jordan book with Goodman’s macabre humour.

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      1. Nitin Lalit

        Yes I remember those conversations. It was about the hard realities of these balloon blowing, depressed fellows. I wrote a few pieces about a masochistic clown that you commented on too lol.

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