1757. You’re hired!

Congratulation, Elric, you have the job. We were delighted with the quality of your experience and expertise shown in both your interview and your CV.

Your ability to cut through nonsense and get straight to the core of the matter was the singular feature of your interview that stood out from all the other almost eight hundred applicants. Your Harvard degree certainly helps but it’s not everything. It’s how you use your degree that matters.

So we are delighted to welcome you to the team. You start tomorrow. Dad said to say “Well done”. I was wondering when you go home if you can tell Mum that I’ll be a bit late home for dinner this evening.

21 thoughts on “1757. You’re hired!

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I could’ve done some papers at Harvard but they were silly e.g. “Jesus as Woman” so I took papers in Boston College and Weston. This is in the 80’s. The thing that most impressed everyone in the following years was my Harvard sweater.


        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          Ha ha! Smile and nod is the best policy. I took 11 years to get my Bachelor’s degree – I was working. One day the professor stopped me in the corridor and said “Why don’t you come to university full-time and learn something?” I smiled and nodded.

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      1. noelleg44

        I also used the Harvard Library to prepare for a biochem final. I went to My Holyoke. I interviewed with a woman professor (Betty Hay) there for a grad student position. She agreed to take me on but I didn’t get admitted to the grad program. If I’d gone, I wouldn’t have met my husband.

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