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2094. A nerve-wracking application

There’s no doubt that Laurel was highly qualified for the job. It was the first application Laurel had made after graduating from university. She was nervous, and thrilled to learn she had been short-listed and was to be interviewed.

What to wear for the interview? She could hardly wear her white lab technician’s coat with safety goggles, and hair in netting! She wasn’t exactly going to work today! So she chose to wear sensible shoes, a casual blouse, and tidy slacks.

The man doing the interview was most pleasant. He had carefully looked into Laurel’s CV. He said he was most impressed. The only thing Laurel lacked was experience. That wouldn’t be a bother. One could quickly adapt and learn if one fitted in well with the team.

“Would Laurel mind staying for a while in the waiting room while he mulled over her application and interview?”

Laurel returned to the waiting room. One never knows how things have gone. It is so nerve-wracking.

A woman entered the room. “Sorry,” she said. “Would you mind terribly if I did the vacuuming. It makes such a wretched noise.”

Laurel said she didn’t mind at all, and in fact followed the woman around, lifting the chairs up for the woman to vacuum underneath, and holding up the magazine racks.

“Thanks so much,” said the woman as she left. “You made the job so much easier. I really detest vacuuming.”

“You’re not alone in that,” said Laurel.

Soon the man appeared. “The only concern we had was if you would fit into the team. Other than that you’re perfect for the job. Professor Sally Quaid, the big-time boss, says you’ll fit in fine.”

“But I haven’t met the big-time boss,” said Laurel.

“Oh yes you have,” said the man.

1757. You’re hired!

Congratulation, Elric, you have the job. We were delighted with the quality of your experience and expertise shown in both your interview and your CV.

Your ability to cut through nonsense and get straight to the core of the matter was the singular feature of your interview that stood out from all the other almost eight hundred applicants. Your Harvard degree certainly helps but it’s not everything. It’s how you use your degree that matters.

So we are delighted to welcome you to the team. You start tomorrow. Dad said to say “Well done”. I was wondering when you go home if you can tell Mum that I’ll be a bit late home for dinner this evening.

873. I am honoured to enlighten you


(Today – a first for my blog – a “guest contributor”. It’s more an unasked-for email. I have changed the name, but little else! I know, dear Reader, you probably get enough junk and spam yourself without having to read what others get as well, but I thought this was a gem!)

I am honoured to enlighten you with my great passion for being in your service 24 hours a day, carrying out all your translation projects and strengthening our business through the effective and dynamic cooperation in this field.

To introduce myself:

My name is Roth Simper. I am a professional and qualified translator. I have been working in this field for +10 years, spent it in translation and working with so many clients. I could easily work in many translatable languages into English.

After a successful 10 years of translation, I have built a brilliant reputation for myself due to my accurate masterpieces and perfect projects I have done.

I wish we will be in contact for further co-operation and I would like to mention that my services are boundless. For all these purposes, I have been the first choice for a lot of clients and my goal is to make you happy and satisfied.

In the hope that you want a professional collaboration regarding the field of translations, I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Roth Simper

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