2693.  Good luck, bad luck

If it falls on a Friday, the 13th day of the month is meant to be unlucky. Today is the 13th but it’s a Thursday so it’s not unlucky. I don’t believe in that stuff anyway. Like a broken mirror will bring seven years bad luck, and it’s bad luck to walk under a ladder, and opening an umbrella inside is asking for trouble. A bride and groom seeing each other on the wedding day before the wedding doesn’t bode well for the future.

Every country has its bad luck things, like in New Zealand it’s a harbinger of death if a fantail bird comes into the house – which they do all the time and they clear the place of spiders and mosquitos which sounds like good luck to me. Besides, when you don’t have hummingbirds it’s nice to have little birds fluttering around. Just don’t have a cat or keep it away.

On the other hand, having an ornament or picture of an elephant in the house is meant to create good vibes – although it should be facing the exit door apparently. Then having specific crystals in the house is meant to bring love, happiness, prosperity, and good luck. My Aunt Sybil has a heavy ceramic elephant, various crystals on the window reflecting sunlight, and a dream catcher in her house. She claims it’s why her house is so welcoming. She also has fantails and a cat. The other day she was trying to catch the cat because it was trying to catch a fantail and she knocked the ceramic elephant and it fell on her head and now she’s dead.


15 thoughts on “2693.  Good luck, bad luck

  1. Ordinary Person

    Superstitions are rooted in reality, I guess. Reminds me of customs in India like walking back nine steps after seeing a black cat, or bathing after a lizard falls on your head. I guess I’ll have to watch out for those lizards, and good thing I don’t have a ceramic elephant in my bathroom.

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