2471. Mr. B.B. Wolf

When Little Red Riding Hood bumped into the Big Bad Wolf in the forest she was very surprised.

“Goodness!” declared Little Red Riding Hood. “You are looking so tired, Mr. Wolf.”

“I’m feeling a bit exhausted, Little Red Riding Hood,” said the wolf. “I’ve spent all morning blowing houses down. First there was a house of straw and then a house of sticks. The third house, made of bricks, proved to be a real problem.”

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf continued to chat away enthusiastically in the forest. Anyone who passed by would have been delighted to see how well the two got on.

In the end the Big Bad Wolf invited Little Red Riding Hood to his place for dinner.

“I’d love too!” said Little Red Riding Hood.

“That’s brilliant,” beamed the Wolf. “I do hope you like roast pork.”

29 thoughts on “2471. Mr. B.B. Wolf

  1. Badfinger (Max)

    I like this one Bruce….I always hated those damn pigs.

    “I’m feeling a bit exhausted, Little Red Riding Hood,” For a minute I thought it was another commercial for some pill Little Red Riding Hood was going to suggest….with the warning (may cause sudden death, shortness of breath, spots on your nose, etc)

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          1. observationblogger

            In Latin America your artform in your blog could be referred to as ‘Cuentero’ – Storyteller. They are common in popular street venues and normally desire a ‘Propina’ (tip) . What’s great about yours are that they are free. Thanks for sharing your almighty gift and making my kids laugh.

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              1. observationblogger

                Now I’m getting recommendations that your stories should be translated in books specifically for kids in Latin America to learn English. So the left page would in English and the right in Spanish. Bilingual as they say.. such books are very popular here.

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                    1. observationblogger

                      For me, it was love at first listen this song and then when I saw the video I was gobsmacked with her presentation. But I see how tastes can differ markedly between listeners. Thanks for responding Bruce.

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