1837. Mother Thrush’s baby, Guzzle-Beak

“Now, now, Guzzle-Beak,” said Mother Thrush to her baby in the nest. “You must learn not to complain about your food. It doesn’t matter if you find a bit of lettuce in your caterpillar. Just quietly eat it and things will be fine. It won’t kill you.”

“Look at what happened to your brothers and sisters. There were five of you at the start, and they complained about the food. Next thing, they disappeared. It’s a nasty world out there and we must learn to be grateful for small mercies.”

“Your father and I have worn ourselves to a frazzle finding food for you. So a bit of appreciation wouldn’t go amiss. Taking a positive attitude to things will see you right in life. You’ll go places.”

Just then a hawk swooped down from nowhere, grabbed Guzzle-Beak in its talons, and flew off.

“Oh well,” sighed Mother Thrush eating the caterpillar she had brought for her baby and spitting out the bit of lettuce that was mixed in, “Mr. Thrush and I shall start a second clutch tomorrow.”

30 thoughts on “1837. Mother Thrush’s baby, Guzzle-Beak

  1. Iseult Murphy

    Turns out we have a nest of thrushes near our back door. They were so well fed, the nest collapsed and 3 out of 4 chicks fell out (the 4th, the biggest guzzle beak of them all, hopped onto a tree branch). Following my instructions, my sister braved the broken nest with a pillowcase and they all lived to fledge successfully.

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    1. Bruce G. Post author

      Always eat your greens. The hawk will now have plenty of energy to pursue other nests. Are you getting or about to get any of that bad weather that is hitting parts of India?

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