14 thoughts on “1176. Government memo

  1. Paul Beech

    Gosh, Bruce, you sure gave me a chuckle with this one!

    Here’s the sort of exercise I used to set as a local government housing manager interviewing candidates for recruitment:


    You return to the office at 12:30pm after a full morning of home visits and estate inspections. You have not had lunch yet.

    You find the following:

    >> five homeless people in reception, requiring assistance, two of them battered wives with children.

    >> an email from the Chief Executive requiring a full report on a complex issue by 2pm so he can brief the press.

    >> an email from Research & Development requiring statistics for a funding bid with a 4pm deadline.

    >> a note stating that a leak has occurred on the 9th floor of a residential tower block with water pouring down through all the lower floors.

    How would you prioritise your time?


    Fancy applying? Good Luck!


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