902. Casual Clyde


Clyde was a patient man. In fact, some thought he was a little too laidback. Every week he took a ticket in the lottery; always a lucky dip with numbers chosen by the machine at random; always at the same outlet.

This past week, a bossy woman had pushed passed him in the line.

“We can’t stand around all day while you make up your mind about what numbers you want, you drip” she said to Clyde. “Give me a lucky dip.” She paid and departed.

“I’ll have a lucky dip too, please,” said Clyde. And… HE WON! HE WON!! HE WON!!! The pushy woman got nothing. She would’ve had that winning ticket if she hadn’t pushed in front.

The bossy woman found where Clyde lived and hounded him. “That money should be mine, you little squirt,” said the bossy woman to Clyde. She hounded him. Hounded him.

Clyde used some of his one hundred and twenty-five million to pay a man to have the bossy woman “put down”. It took a while, and had to be well planned. But, as was said earlier, Clyde was a patient man.

28 thoughts on “902. Casual Clyde

  1. Yvonne

    Oh, another happy ending, hurray! But, I know the cat killing one is getting closer.

    (This happened to a friend of mine,but not the murder bit, though! He let someone who was in a hurry go before him, and won about $400,000 )

      1. Yvonne

        Crikey! Why do I always think NZ is an affordable country?

        Is your health system like that of Australia, that is, can you get pretty good care even if not insured/

        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          The health system seems to be okay. Some things you can’t get without insurance, e.g. a colostomy unless you’ve already got bowel cancer! But usually it’s pretty good.


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