498. Creaming soda milkshake


For years, Alexandra had grown up in a family that “struggled”. Well, they didn’t “struggle” exactly, but they had to watch the pennies. Alexandra’s parents couldn’t afford to go buy her a new frock every time there was a party, like the people across the road did for their daughter.

Alexandra’s father was a motor mechanic, and her two older brothers had followed their father into the same trade. They all worked at the same work shop.

Alexandra had turned eighteen. Now was the time for her to make something of her life. The local advertising agency wanted a model. It didn’t matter about the face; they wanted breasts. And the agency would pay well. This was the opportunity Alexandra had been waiting for. She could break free from the fetters of breadline income and make a pretty packet.

“Your breasts are exactly what we’re looking for,” said the agency. Her breasts were photographed like there was no tomorrow. It was for an advertisement for a new brand of creaming soda milkshake that was to appear in one of those fairly lurid magazines.

How exciting.

Several weeks later, Alexander was given a heap of money – in cash! She raced around to show her father and brothers.

“Look!” she said.

There on the wall of the lunch room at the mechanical workshop, her brother had torn a page from one of those fairly lurid magazines and pinned it to the wall.

WOOF! said her brothers and father, unknowingly.

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