499. It dawned on Noel


Occasionally Noel would wake up in the morning and he was someone else. Different from the person who went to bed. The clothes were different. His body was different. His name was different, judging by what his family called him. They were different too. The house where he lived was different. The only thing that was the same was his mind. He knew he was Noel deep down inside.

This would happen about twice a year. Once he woke up as the boyfriend of Miss World. At first he thought that was great, but quickly realised that Miss World wasn’t allowed to “do it” for another twelve months.

Then he woke up as a dog, but that lasted only a couple of days.

He was so far down the track now from being Noel. He had been Trevor, David, Lance, Michael, Paul, Patch, Ewen, Jock, Neville and Dirk. He knew he would never make it back to being who he was when born.

Then it happened! He woke up as Noeline! For the first time in his life he felt at home. He felt at peace. His body had been trying to tell him something.

He never changed again.

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