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2274. Peace at last!

Well! At last! At last! The problem is solved! An alien spacecraft has landed on earth and the superior-technologied aliens are friendly! It’s proof at last that we are not alone in the universe.

Prior to the spacecraft landing the earth was in upheaval. It seemed that every country was at each other’s throats. The aliens were super-friendly but they still had weaponry that could wipe earth out in a split second. The aliens’ superior power would force the divided world to be united.

China quickly formed an exclusive alliance with them.

2181. UFO info

The Government insisted that UFO (UAP) information be made available to the public.

“We have a right to know if UFOs are alien visitors or weather balloons or enemy craft.”

The information was thus made available.

“We know nothing about the origins of UFOs. We simply know that they are unexplained phenomena.”

Of course, the question was the wrong question. Once you know that alien visitors from outer space have arrived then the craft is no longer unidentified. It is no longer a UFO. All information on UFOs have been given to the public; namely nothing. All information on Identified Flying Objects shall for the time being remain secret.

We aliens are well pleased!

1387. At the ready

It was a silly thing, but Talia always kept her cell phone charging on the ledge above the kitchen sink. This was just in case (and of course it would never happen) an alien space craft suddenly appeared over the horizon.


Talia grabbed her phone to take a photo and, with slippery hands from doing the dishes, dropped the phone into the boiling hot soapy sink water.

The next thing the space craft landed on her lawn just outside the kitchen window. An alien stepped out. He handed Talia a brand new phone.

“This is to replace the phone you just dropped into the sink,” he said.

As she stood on the steps to wave goodbye to the departing space craft, Talia though, “What a nice alien. I should’ve offered him a saucer of milk or something.”