1387. At the ready

It was a silly thing, but Talia always kept her cell phone charging on the ledge above the kitchen sink. This was just in case (and of course it would never happen) an alien space craft suddenly appeared over the horizon.


Talia grabbed her phone to take a photo and, with slippery hands from doing the dishes, dropped the phone into the boiling hot soapy sink water.

The next thing the space craft landed on her lawn just outside the kitchen window. An alien stepped out. He handed Talia a brand new phone.

“This is to replace the phone you just dropped into the sink,” he said.

As she stood on the steps to wave goodbye to the departing space craft, Talia though, “What a nice alien. I should’ve offered him a saucer of milk or something.”

11 thoughts on “1387. At the ready

  1. Andrea Stephenson

    He seemed like a very helpful alien, although the phone probably contains a death ray that will destroy the planet…..goodness, I’m sure I wasn’t so suspicious before I started reading your stories, you’ve taken the blinkers from my eyes 🙂

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          We seem to have this perception that aliens will jump off their craft and say “How do you do?” I can’t understand half the time what my dog is trying to tell me, let alone a creature from another solar system.

          Liked by 1 person


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