2662. A Goodnight Sleep

Dominic had looked forward to his new bed being delivered. He had ordered it online and for a few extra dollars the furniture shop would deliver a bed base and mattress. It was a simple single bed; there was no need for something big and fancy.

For the last week or so he had slept on the floor on a pile of soft folded duvets. His old mattress had sprung a spring. He didn’t even know that mattresses these days still had springs. A sharp pointed spring had popped out through the worn king size mattress in the middle of the night. He had rolled over and the spring cut his arm; not too badly, but it took him a while to work out what had happened.

The bed arrived! Dominic set it up. An early bed was on the cards! He was overly tired. The duvets on the floor had not provided restful sleeps.

Dominic slept soundly. He turned in his sleep. His sleeping mind had not adjusted to a less-wide bed. He fell on the floor, hit his head on the lamp stand, and died.

That is why this story is called “A Goodnight Sleep” and not “A Good Night’s Sleep”.


30 thoughts on “2662. A Goodnight Sleep

  1. noelleg44

    This story reminds me of when my Mom rolled out of bed at the retirement home where she was living and face-planted on the floor. She didn’t die (thank heavbens) but she looked like a raccoon for almost a month!

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Ha! I fell out of bed a year ago and cut the inside of my ear – I have no clue how -. It was a weekend and the emergency doctor for the weekend at the little local hospital happened to be the plastic surgeon from the city hospital! He worked on my ear for 5 hours otherwise I would have been hospitalized until the Monday when the plastic surgery would reopen!

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      I thought of you when I wrote it because you set the standard very liberally! And whenever I start a sentence with “And” I remember what you were once told in your writers’ group and never obeyed: Never start a sentence with an “And”. And so I try to avoid it. And that’s the truth.

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