2623. Potted plants

Gillian was an enthusiastic, and successful, propagator of potted plants.

The last thing her now ex-husband did before permanently leaving the house was to spray all her plants with weed killer.

Gillian cottoned on about a week later as to why her plants were dying. She thought of revenge and dismissed the thought immediately. It can’t be construed as revenge if the wheels had been set in motion prior to the deed demanding revenge.

Yes, she would leave things exactly as they had been arranged. Not only would he be wiped off the face of the earth, but the Hells Angels Gang had paid her good money for information that would lead to his whereabouts. She’d use some of the money to get more plants.

14 thoughts on “2623. Potted plants

      1. Yvonne

        Your eagerly awaited post did not plonk into my inbox today for some reason. Thanks to MLCN, who sent it on to me with her comment “Karma”, I didn’t miss out. Off to check my Reader settings, musn’t miss a pearl of wisdom, or whatever, from BA.

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  1. Ordinary Person

    From potted plants to biker gangs. I didn’t expect Gillian’s hubby to be a wanted man. Wonder what he did to piss of the gang? Reminds me of a scene in Sons of Anarchy where they burn off a guy’s tattoo because he refused to blacken it after quitting the gang.

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