2622.  Rhubarb jam

“It’s definitely food for thought,” declared Ava-Margaret. She had been entertaining a guest at her apartment in the retirement village and they had discussed how late December-early January seemed to be the time the Grim Reaper made an appearance. “It’s funny,” said Ava-Margaret, “we older people don’t seem to have the resilience against illnesses that we used to have in younger years.”

Because Ava-Margaret and her visitor were enjoying a lovely cup of tea didn’t mean that Ava-Margaret was doing nothing. She was busy chopping up rhubarb to make rhubarb jam. “I know I’m early,” said Ava-Margaret, “but I avoid the Christmas rush by preparing a few little gifts well in advance. Little jars of rhubarb jam are just what the doctor ordered.”

“You realize,” said the visitor, “that you are chopping up the rhubarb leaves as well as the stems. The leaves are poisonous.”

“Dear me, so they are!” laughed Ava-Margaret. “I’ll have to be careful as to who I give these little gifts to.”

Jim chortled. “It’s fun to be in on it,” he said.


25 thoughts on “2622.  Rhubarb jam

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      It’s bitter but you cook it with sugar – sort of like Whitloof (which being the bastard I am I am presuming you’ve never tried that either! Whitloof is also sometimes known as chicory or Belgian endives.!) I have rhubarb coming out my ears at present.

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  1. noelleg44

    My family is always bugging me to make a strawberry-rhubarb pie. Sometimes I can’t find the rhubarb! In any event, perhaps these two should sit down and make a list of people the jam should go to!

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      1. noelleg44

        Yup, we do get lots of rhubarb, but not always in the stores. Some friends of mine give me what they grow. My mother used to give us stewed rhubarb with breakfast, with NO added sugar. Just thinking about it makes my mouth pucker. I may have to try a rhubarb and apple pie. Try one with strawberries!

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