2490. What a kerfuffle!

It was a terrible kerfuffle. Maisie reckoned it was a kerfuffle over nothing, but Ronald’s mother said the kerfuffle was justified. “I’ll make a kerfuffle for as long as I think it’s necessary,” she said.

The Headmaster of the school that Ronald attended agreed with Maisie; it was a kerfuffle about nothing. Ronald’s mother said she disagreed with the Headmaster, and the Headmaster said, “I suppose you’re going to make a kerfuffle over that as well.”

That didn’t stop Ronald’s mother from writing to the Minister of Education. She explained why she was making a kerfuffle and the Minister of Education labelled Ronald’s mother a domestic terrorist.

“Ha! Ha!” laughed the Headmaster. “If you hadn’t made such a kerfuffle it might not have gone kerplunk.”

18 thoughts on “2490. What a kerfuffle!

        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          I noticed – during the extensive research I ALWAYS do on this blog – that “fuffle” was a Scottish word meaning something like dishevelled – and they are nor sure where the ker bit came from!

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