2119. The little grey warbler

Maybe you don’t know what a grey warbler is. I am a grey warbler. I’m a bird. I’m grey and I warble. I want to tell you what happened to me and my partner last spring.

Together we built a little nest. It was a hanging, enclosed nest. I laid four little eggs; it took me eight days to lay them. They were white with reddish speckles. It was very strange because one of the eggs was olive green. It was very pretty. I was very proud of it.

Then when they hatched, the baby from the olive egg grew a lot faster and scratched the other three out of the nest and on to the ground. We had a terrible time trying to feed the remaining baby; it was always hungry. Then when it was ready to leave the nest we realized something: it was a Shining Cuckoo. We had been duped.

I was so glad when several months after leaving the nest it took off to spend winter in Australia.

My partner and I, since the event described, made another nest. I laid three eggs this time and they all grew into the most beautiful birds you could imagine!

Click HERE to listen to the New Zealand Grey Warbler.

Click HERE to listen to the New Zealand Shining Cuckoo (not like a cuckoo at all!)

24 thoughts on “2119. The little grey warbler

            1. Yvonne

              Dear Sir

              I am a Princess in Nigeria who needs your kind help. I have been sent a cheque/check for NZD 50.00, but have no use for it, really.

              If your kind sir would send me his bank account details, he will find a big surprise in it, next time he cheques.

              Your faithful servant, I remain humbly

              Princess Abebi Adaeze Ezichi

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      North America is blessed with it’s birds – in their looks, colours, and habits. The little one I always delighted in (I can’t remember its name) used to walk down the trunk of a tree head first! New Zealand has interesting birds but not because of colour etc (most are a lovely shade of dull!) but because they are oddities – like the kiwi and kakapo.

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