2079. Abdul wasn’t the slightest bit Irish

Abdul wasn’t the slightest bit Irish. His father was a Lebanese air pilot, and after a brief fling with an Egyptian flight attendant, Abdul was born in Oslo.

It was Saint Patrick’s Day. Abdul went to the pub wearing green. After a few green beers he hopped around on one leg and said he was doing a jig. He swore loudly in an Irish accent that possibly placed him firmly in South Africa. He went on a little long about leprechauns and kissing the Blarney Stone. As the night wore on he sat in a chair at a table in the pub utterly pooped and had a final beer.

His mates carried him home.

29 thoughts on “2079. Abdul wasn’t the slightest bit Irish

  1. John Looker

    Would you believe this, Bruce: I have actually kissed the Blarney Stone, lying on my back with my head and shoulders through the gap in the castle battlements. It probably ruined my poetry for ever! 🤪

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  2. badfinger20 (Max)

    I know Abdul! He and I went out on Cinco de Mayo and celebrated Mexico. Our Mexican accents were spot on…at least after a lot of drinks… we thought.

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  3. Vishal D

    Cultural appropriation (done horribly though). Of all the things he could have done (discussed Conor McGregor, etc) he had to stick to the stereotypes!

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