1961. An exclusive club

Although it might appear as rather arbitrary, and in fact it was, Heaven was divided into multitudinous groups of people. The membership of each group was determined by the last words they uttered on Earth. For example, the members of the “I-Love-You-Darling Group” had experienced a fairly run-of-the-mill death in which they were able to utter a reasonably civil statement as they passed on. The “Goodbye Group” and the “I’m-Going Group” were other examples. The “Au Revoir Group” was made up mainly of foreigners but the occasional person who spoke proper English made it into their ranks.

Most groups had many, many members, and for a millennium or so St. Peter at the Pearly Gates had wondered whether or not other criteria might better suffice.

There was one group that was the envy of all. It was known rather jovially as the F Club. Very few belonged to it. The members were the victims of some sudden accident when their plane dropped out of the sky or they saw a huge articulated truck plunging headlong into their vehicle. Their last word was an exclamation of surprise, as you might imagine. So sought after was the desire for membership to this group that St. Peter had to slightly stretch the rules. He had to allow for different parts of speech that used the word. For example, some people may have turned the word into a verb and not finished the sentence before expiring. However, a line was drawn if the F word was followed by “heck”. It reeked a little of Hecate and was considered vaguely inappropriate.

No one was surprised at the small affiliation in the F Club. Most in the circumstance of final accident had exclaimed a naughty word. They had, naturally, been cast into Hell. But those more lily-tongued had screamed at the point of accident not an unacceptable curse, but simply “Flip”. As stated, those whose final “Flip” was forever wrecked by a verb plus Hecate – “Flippin’ Heck” – were cast aside. As was “Freakin’ Hell”.

So here’s to the three members of the F Club. May they forever rejoice.

38 thoughts on “1961. An exclusive club

              1. Iseult Murphy

                Haha! The most perfect dog in the world has just left me. I guess he got a better offer from St Peter to get heaven into shape than helping me with my book Reviews. I can’t blame him for going, but I wish he hadn’t.

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  1. disorderlyjottings

    I’m afraid I’ve been a member of the F club for most of my lifetime. Hope there is a place in heaven for those who have learned to use it creatively…but I’ve never been better than hopeful.

    On a slightly different note I’ve always looked forward to heaven as a grassy hill on a breezy sunny day with all of the dogs I have owned and loved (and myself) re-united.

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        1. Bruce Post author

          Agreed! It could be fun. I must admit that the movie I became most helpless watching was “Flying High”. It think (it may) have gone under another title in the USA. Whatever, I was out of control in hysterics.

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  2. umashankar

    Freaking Hell!!! I didn’t see that coming! I am sure, however, being a true Indian who is never short of filthy expletives in such unwarranted violations of one’s life, I am never going to make it to the elite club.

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