597. Malcolm developed an interest

© Bruce Goodman 30 May 2015


Malcolm developed an interest in canaries. He was an enthusiast. His sudden venture into keeping and breeding canaries came right out of the blue.

He built a fairly large aviary, as well as smaller breeding cages. And he purchased fifteen canaries and a goldfinch: two pairs of red factors, a pair of pink, a pair of peach, a pair of green, a pair of bronze, and three canary yellow. One of the yellow ones he put with the goldfinch. Apparently if they crossbred they made the best singers of all.

One of the red factor pairs made a nest and hatched three babies. All babies died. A peach and a pink died, so Malcolm put the two remaining peach and pink together, even though they were both males. The goldfinch escaped, and the rest of the sorry bunch didn’t lay an egg between them.

Malcolm lost interest. They kind of all escaped through the “accidentally left open” aviary door into the wild where they presumably died.

Malcolm developed an interest in hydroponic gardening. He was an enthusiast. His sudden venture into hydroponic gardening came right out of the blue…

32 thoughts on “597. Malcolm developed an interest

    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Derrick. I just realised that “brilliance” and “bruce” both start and end with the same two letters. There is a vast difference however between “illian” and “u” 😀

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  1. arlingwoman

    There’s a beach town in Delaware called Rehobeth. A couple streets are full of budgies gone wild as well as parrots, which make enormous nests and a lot of noise. So I think those birds have colonized someplace.

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  2. Talkalittledo - For Life Is Funny.

    The guy who loved opposite my house had a sudden interest in rearing lovebirds. He started off by breeding six pairs. But the male or female of one of the pairs died. The other mourned his loss so patnetically….even worse than us humans. The five remaining pairs took an instant dislike to the bereaved bird and the whole day they pecked and hurt the bird till it died. The whole day the cresendo of the birds chirpping was terrible. Birds can be really cruel….even worse than us humans.The guy gave up tne idea of rearing birds.And he has NOT picked up any other interest out of the blue. Thank God for that.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thank you, Simon! The red factor canaries aspect is modelled on my father; the hydroponic gardening is modelled on a brother… Personally, I’m still looking for a string of hobbies I can abandon!

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      1. simon682

        Like all good stories, it rang true. I’ve decided to abandon golf…before taking it up, thereby saving several hundred pounds which I can now spend on a holiday with Tamsin.

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