598. Flankeration

© Bruce Goodman 31 May 2015


What a congridled defonderation! No one seemed to care a tridonticordial about the lack of baftillery when flankerating. And yet, people did it in droves. Only the other day, Mrs Smith infligerated about the limpeter on the perimitologer. Gotterington was the response! Gotterington!

“What is the world coming to?” inexahabulated Mrs Smith. Yet she joined the dozen or so others in the flankeration.

“Hip hip hurray!” whinegulated the admorating plentihabants. “True! How disjaunabulatingly true!”

Would you believe? A curse on those flankerating partivians!

16 thoughts on “598. Flankeration

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    You should come to my country. We have Cymbalta for those who don’t care a tridonticordial, Ritalin for the lack of baftillery and Cialis for limpeter. I myself might get totally flankerated after reading this.

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