2199. Joyce’s pet cat

“There’s no doubt that my pet cat rules the roost,” declared Joyce from Kentucky.

“He certainly is something to crow about,” answered Maisie Fina’fi’fau’u’fi’ from Hawai’i.

“Your cat’s not chicken when it comes to sorting out who’s in charge,” expounded Angelica Angelico from Luxembourg.

“I don’t think a cat is a paltry thing,” joked Norma from Nigeria.

“It’s not only fun, but it’s so educational being on Facebook,” wrote Sheila Plonk from New South Wales.

21 thoughts on “2199. Joyce’s pet cat

  1. Catxman

    I could feel your cat losing one of its nine lives for every comment that got inserted into its body like a stiletto knife. Still, it has 4 lives left to go. That ought to last it out the summer, at least. Three killer heat waves should take it down to 1 life by September.

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          1. umashankar

            Out here in this corner of the planet, if I wish to adopt one of the local breeds they don’t cost me a dime, except in vaccinations and the odd visit to the veterinary clinics. They are also generally disease free and very loyal, which is true of the entire species. Exotic ones are as expensive as they can get.

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