1118. Noreen’s brainwave

Noreen was always thinking up new ideas, and this time she had come up with something brilliant. She had a man install floor to ceiling one-way glass in her toilet.

Noreen could sit there, comfortably enthroned, and survey the world. She could see out, and no one could see in. What a dazzling idea!

Outside the window was a busy road. It was always interesting to watch the traffic and pedestrians go by. She imagined all sorts of destinations and conversations. Beyond the road was an expansive valley, and beyond that loomed imposing mountains. Things were always different; ever changing. The weather made the scene a chameleon, forever mutating colours. The temptation was to sit there for too long. But goodness me!

Of course at night, with the toilet light on, and it being dark outside, Noreen couldn’t see a thing. But at night, people seemed so much friendlier; every second car seemed to give a friendly toot. And pedestrians passing by were always full of laughter.

18 thoughts on “1118. Noreen’s brainwave

  1. M. L. Kappa

    Don’t laugh, but this actually happened to me in a hotel in the French countryside. They has that kind of glass in the shower, which was in a kind of turret. Not many people outside, but some friends told me!

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  2. Paul Beech

    Hi there, Bruce. I’ve had nightmares like this but laughed about them in the morning! What other bright ideas has Noreen had? Maybe you could revisit her from time to time?

    Congratulations on your poems published in ‘Indra’s Net’. What a brilliant anthology, all profits to the Book Bus charity to aid child literacy in the Third World. I’m proud to be in it too; so is my partner Maureen Weldon.

    Best from North Wales,


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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Thanks, Paul. Yes, I’ve been meaning to review it. Time! Time! Time! I really need tpo let things gestate before putting pen to paper. I have mentioned it on my blog and managed to sell 5 copies that I know of! Congratulations to yourself and to Maureen too!

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  3. Andrea Stephenson

    I think even if this didn’t happen, I couldn’t sit there without believing that it would! We have houses on the river that are completely glass and I could never feel comfortable living in them.



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