936. Garth and Ken


Garth and Ken got on like a house on fire. It was one of those friendships that appeared out of nowhere. Garth had made a fairly rare visit to a pub, and there was Ken. They struck up conversation, and the rest was history. Before long their wives and kids had met, and they were off on a joint family camping trip.

The wives got on pretty well, but the men were soul spirits.

“We’ve known each other all our lives,” they said. “We just hadn’t met.” It was a friendship which didn’t require knocking on the other’s door before entering. You could borrow a cup of sugar without really needing to ask. They didn’t “pee in each other’s pockets” but it was a genuine friendship that worked.

Which is why it was surprising when Ken was found guilty of murdering Garth.

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33 thoughts on “936. Garth and Ken

      1. thecontentedcrafter

        Will that be your 1000th story? What a feat that will be – will you have a party? In the meantime you really have to find another way to make me splurt my coffee all over the keyboard first thing in the morning – you can’t possibly retire without leaving me [and your other loyal readers] at least a little startled if not highly amused!

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        1. Bruce Goodman Post author

          There will be no party – as T.S. Eliot wrote: “not with a bang but a whimper”! The 1000th story is due on July 6th. I was aiming to finish at 1001 stories (the number of Arabian Nights – even though Arabian Nights has only about 250 stories!). But then I’m going (I think) to continue until September 10th because that will make 1066 stories and all that – and since a number of them shall be deleted because they’re not really stories (e.g. strolls around my garden) I like to have a few spares up my sleeve.

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  1. Cynthia Jobin

    Ken was secretly envious of Garth and only pretended to like him…no, wait…
    Ken fell off a bridge and Garth jumped into the water as if to save him, but it was Garth what drowned…no, wait..
    Ken found out that Garth was sexually abusing one of his daughters….no, wait…
    Garth was having secret trysts with Ken’s wife…no, wait…
    Garth and Ken went deer hunting and Ken “mistakenly” thought Garth was a deer in the forest…
    Garth discovered that Ken was embezzling money and threatened to turn him in to the law….
    Garth actually did pee in Ken’s pocket….
    “It was surprising….” ( Probably to everyone but Garth and Ken.)
    Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? Only the shadow knows.

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    1. Bruce Goodman Post author

      Yes – he disappeared for a while. He was planning at one stage (from Brazil) to open some sort of children’s school?? in the States?? My story today – incidentally – is quite untangled. The guy’s as dead as a doornail!

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