536. Bad luck, Cristobel


Cristobel’s bad luck seemed to have no end. Compared to her adult-life misfortunes, her mass of traumatic childhood misadventures – death of parents, broken limbs, failure at school – paled into insignificance.

Just after Cristobel suffered a severe case of scabies, her husband slipped in the garage and cut his head off at the neck on the saw bench. On the way to the funeral, Cristobel ran over her pet cat.

Need her misfortunes continue to be listed? Possibly not, except she dropped dead suddenly with a heart attack not long after the death of the cat. I was there at the time.

I realised she was clutching a winning lottery ticket. The excitement was obviously too much.

Bad luck, Cristobel. I haven’t told a soul.

4 thoughts on “536. Bad luck, Cristobel

  1. Cynthia Jobin

    Hah! I remember the fifties, but only the black and white newsreels from those movies. I almost never go to/watch movies…..probably why I recall the one to which I referred above…it was the most recent one I saw, in 20003.

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