Cynthia Jobin reads her poetry

Many of you are followers and admirers of the poetry of American Cynthia Jobin. Cynthia died over two years ago and there are recordings on her website of her reading many of the poems.

I was a little concerned that these recordings might eventually disappear, and so with the support of John Looker (who edited the second printed volume of her poetry) and Deborah Bennison of Bennison Books (who published the second volume) I have downloaded all of Cynthia’s readings and organized them on three webpages.

The first webpage follows the order of poems in Song of Paper.

The second webpage follows the order of poems in A Certain Age.

The third has her reading a number of poems that are not in either published volume. The written version of these unprinted poems can be found on her website.

There are links on each webpage to the other two pages, as well as to her website and to Bennison Books. The address to the first page is HERE.

14 thoughts on “Cynthia Jobin reads her poetry

  1. Nitin Lalit

    Thank you for this Bruce. Cynthia was a kind soul who believed in me when I had hardly begun my creative journey. I shall listen to her poetry. I visited her site the other day and read a few of her poems. I’m glad you did this.

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  2. Yvonne

    Thank you so much for helping this to happen. We were privileged to have made the aquaintance of this woman through her poetry and wise and funny presence on our blogs.

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  3. John Looker

    Hi Bruce. I’ve just caught up with this post from you and have really enjoyed seeing the responses. Like the others, I do so appreciate the trouble you took to assemble these recordings of Cynthia’s. All the best, John

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