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1133. Pronouns-ment

Him:      So I said I reckon they’d say “We blame you for it”.

Her:       Blame me? Why blame me? I’ve nothing to do with it.

Him:      No. Blame me. I reckon they’d blame me.

Her:       So why did you say blame me if you meant blame you?

Him:      I didn’t. I said me all along.

Her:       You didn’t. You said me.

Him:      I did not. You’re not listening.

Her:       It’s you that’s not listening, not me.

Him:      Look! All I said was I reckon they’d say “It all your fault.” That’s all.

Her:       There you go again. Quite frankly, I’ve had enough. We’re obviously not getting along.

Him:      That’s what they’re blaming me for. They said “If the relationship doesn’t work it’ll be your fault.”

Her:       My fault?

Him:      My fault.

Her:       My fault.

Him:      My fault.

Her:       Well at least we agree on something.