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1162. Bear warning

(This posting is in response to The Grey Divorcee’s blog!)

Visitors to the area are warned that they are entering a habitat frequented by bears. Alertness is advised at all times. The proximity of bears can be noted by observing fresh bear poo. It is easy to identify as it usually contains elements of clothing.

1094. Warning label

Warning: This medication can cause blindness. Should this happen, see a doctor.


P.S. – nothing to do with the above story:

An anthology of poetry – which includes three poems by the late Cynthia Jobin and also dedicated to her memory (many of you will remember her and her blog littleoldladywho) – was released the other day by Bennison Books. You can read more about it here and also purchase it if you so wished. (Things open in a new window) It’s for a good cause. (And as a corollary to this announcement: I’ve got a couple of poems in there as well!)