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Story 549: Phlebotomists

I’m going to take a break for a week from producing original stories. I’ve completely run out of ideas, and maybe the break will inspire something. So instead, there are several thousand stories sitting there mainly unread, so I shall republish an earlier story each day for the next seven days. These stories won’t continue the current numbering system as they are repeats! They have been chosen pretty much at random.

We begin with Story 549: “Phlebotomists”. It was first posted on 12 April 2015.

Kent was a phlebotomist and a good one too. His job was to take blood samples at the local hospital. Of course, working in a hospital meant he never had a moment’s peace.

People don’t often realise, but even a doctor sometimes needs a doctor. In Kent’s case, he needed a phlebotomist. His doctor had ordered a blood test. Kent was not one to take his own blood. He went to a Health Clinic in another part of town.

Leon was the phlebotomist. He took blood from Kent’s arm. Kent noticed that Leon did the same thing as he himself did; he took twice the amount of blood required.

Leon smiled at Kent. Yes, it was as Kent thought; they had similar teeth.