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1196. Planet Unisex

The time had come! The males of the human species were tired of paying large sums of money to every female on the planet. A male had only to smile at a female and it was taken to be offensive. Obviously a smile meant the male wanted sex. Clearly there was only one thing on every male’s mind, and that was rape. But now, the time had come!

Cloning. Females were no longer needed for reproduction. Thus they were obliterated from the face of the planet. Only baby boys were hatched. How much happier the planet had become. Planet Earth changed its name to Planet Unisex.


…it was the other way around.

916. Alex Alexander


The office staff were a close knit team. All five knew the names of everyone’s spouses and children. The annual Christmas party was “one big happy family”. And now… excitement! A new staff member had been hired!

The name was Alex Alexander. But was it a girl or a boy? A woman or a man? Annette, Raewyn, and Beth claimed Alex Alexander would be male (the “er” rather than “ra” at the end of the surname was a give-away!) Nigel and Murray claimed that Alex Alexander would be female. The anticipation!

The day arrived! Alex Alexander’s first day at work! A delightful person! Fitted in perfectly with everyone!

But no one had the lack of grace to ask: Excuse me; are you a woman or a man? A curse on unisex dressing and hair styles! Raewyn asked “Are you married?” Yes! The spouse’s name is Kim. They had two children.

Beth claimed she could detect a slight bulge in the trousers, and Murray swore there was the faintest sign of a breast. Which bathroom was used was no help; both sexes shared the same facilities.

It wasn’t that they were being rude or anything; in fact, they didn’t ask because that was the courteous thing to do. But they just wondered. Knowing makes a difference – whether you like it or not.

And do you know? It took them all week to find out!

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