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1411. Home with a sexy brunette

Let’s face it. I enjoy being fondled. All over. And nearly always by visitors. I simply have to sit still and people seem to be drawn irresistibly to me. They can’t help it. Strangers seem to take one look at me and it is all hands on. I get prodded and poked; massaged even. At heart I’m a pathetic stickler to being tactile.

The other day (it was pretty cool I suppose) this lady came up to me and started patting me, and then she plunged her nose onto my skin and sniffed. She smelt me! It’s funny how different things turn people on.

And then yesterday afternoon it all came to a head. This sexy brunette took me home with her, and I’m currently on her dining room sideboard sitting in a fruit bowl.

881. Marilynn felt his hot breath


Marilynn felt his hot breath on the back of her neck. She heard the timbre and resonance of his voice in her ear, saying sweet nothings; even his comments about the weather made her think they were lying together on the beach of some tropical paradise. She felt the touch of his body behind her; his strong arm ready to hold if she fell. The rippling muscles of his still-shirted torso…

God! How she hated these daily get-to-work rides in an overcrowded elevator.