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2392. The children’s swing

Penelope had long pestered her husband to make a swing for the grandchildren. There was a lovely oak tree on the back lawn with a branch perfect for a swing. It would be such fun. The seven grandchildren would spend hours there.

“It’s too dangerous,” Rex would say.

“What nonsense!” Penelope would say.

At last, with Penelope’s birthday coming up and grandchildren coming for the celebration, Rex did it! It didn’t take half as long as he had imagined it would. It wasn’t half as tricky he had imaging it would be.

The birthday came and went.

“See!” declared Penelope, “The grandchildren played all day on that swing. It was so safe! It was a perfect idea to have made it!”

If only she had known what the future held.

(P.S. I shall be taking some time out from blogging as has been done in the past! Probably a short break – as I’m trying to organize my music to become famous – and rich).

Music 439-444: Six Sundry Pieces for Piano

Here are six assorted pieces for piano.

1 Jig: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
2 March: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
3 Chase: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
4 On a Swing: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
5 Sunlight on Water: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE.
6 Dance: Audio HERE, sheet music HERE