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2436.  Language

Now Errol, said the teacher, you shouldn’t be using naughty words like that. Who taught you such language?

My father, said Errol.

Well, said the teacher, you shouldn’t use a word like that if you don’t know what it means.

I do know what it means, said Errol. It means the car won’t start.

1755. The spice of life

Variety is the spice of life so I thought I’d do something I’ve never done before and interview a fellow blogger. He also works as a part-time actor in minor films in Hollywood. Thanks for volunteering to be interviewed, Dick.

My f!%#*&!!% pleasure. You’re f!%#*&!!% welcome.

So what made you start blogging?

It was my f!%#*&!!% wife at the f!%#*&!!% time f!%#*&!!% suggested it. She was doing the f!%#*&!!% dishes one f!%#*&!!% evening when she said “Why the f*!@ don’t you do a f!%#*&!!% blog and get out from under my f!%#*&!!% feet?”

I said “Why the f*!@ not? So here I f!%#*&!!% am!

And what made you decide to do a blog dedicated to the cultivation of sweet potatoes?

Well, f*!@ me, sweet potatoes are f!%#*&!!% cool. A lot of f!%#*&!!% people don’t realize just how sweet f!%#*&!!% sweet potatoes really f!%#*&!!% are. You can f!%#*&!!% stick a f!%#*&!!% sweet potato in the f!%#*&!!% embers of a f!%#*&!!% campfire and f*!@ me! if it’s not f!%#*&!!% cooked. That’s f!%#*&!!% extraordinary.

How did it feel to get over one million followers?

It felt f!%#*&!!% great. I sent my f!%#*&!!% wife at the f!%#*&!!% time out to get f!%#*&!!% take-away to f!%#*&!!% celebrate and when she f!%#*&!!% came home I discovered I had one million and f!%#*&!!% two f!%#*&!!% followers. It was f!%#*&!!% unbelievable.

Thanks, Dick, for that enlightening interview. Not a word wasted.

F*!@ yeah. I’m f!%#*&!!% going to f!%#*&!!% talk about it when I f!%#*&!!% get my f!%#*&!!% next f!%#*&!!% Oscar if the f!%#*&!!% powers that f!%#*&!!% be let me f!%#*&!!% squeeze a f!%#*&!!% word in.

1096. Danger of explosion

Herb had been sent home from school for swearing at a teacher. They’d phoned his father, and his father had said “What the … Where did he learn that from?” Herb started walking home. Then he noticed something he’d never seen before. There was a sign as he walked past the gas works:


Herb lit a cigarette and threw it over the fence. He carried on walking. That should teach the town a lesson.

Nothing happened.

Herb went back. That’s when it happened.