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1203. Good for everything is good for nothing


Paddy was a bit of a plodder. At school he struggled with most subjects, but he was good with his hands and wanted to be a mechanic. A mechanic he became! He fixed mainly trucks. He was very good at it and enjoyed it very much.

Royce was good at everything. At school he got the top marks in nearly every subject he took. He didn’t know what he wanted to do, but the world was his oyster. He went to university and took economics. There’s good money to be had in that! After a year he got tired of that and thought he’d change to a degree in sports health. After all he held his previous school’s record in the high jump. Towards the end of the academic year, Royce thought he’d gone in the wrong direction and didn’t even turn up for the exams. Geology was his thing. A career in that would be both academic and outdoors.

“It’s good that Royce is checking out his options,” said his delighted parents. “So often young people go straight into a career which doesn’t suit them.”

After eight years at university “checking out his options”, Royce got a job at the local warehouse stacking cartons.