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2355. Day of surprises

One can never be sure what surprises a day might bring. It’s not that a surprise has to be big; it can be a little thing, like noticing the polyanthas breaking into flower in the neighbour’s garden as one goes for a daily walk.

Donal knew the gift of surprise well. In fact, he delighted in it. Just the other day he took his walking stick and off he went. He met Mrs Burtonshaw taking her new dog for a stroll. Such a lovely dog! And the day was cloudless! A wonderful summer’s day! Such weather was invented for rambling. Donal tipped his hat to Mrs Burtonshaw (and her lovely dog) and went on his merry way.

When he popped into the corner shop to treat himself to an ice cream he was the five hundredth visitor for the day! There was a special promotion! The ice cream was free! Such things put a spring in one’s step. Donal felt like dancing the rest of the way home. In fact, if the truth be known, every tenth or so step could be construed as being a little skip. One must be grateful for the little surprises a day brings. A positive outlook will lead to happiness.

And then the big surprise of the day occurred: he was hit by a passing car.