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646. Aunt Sonja

© Bruce Goodman 18 July 2015


Sonja was like an aunt to all the street kids. She made sure they had somewhere safe to sleep. She made sure they found enough food. After all, she was living on the street herself.

Often being a pick-pocket is associated with the males of the species. This worked to Sonja’s advantage. No one suspected that the sweet old lady smiling and asking for money was actually stripping those who refused of their wallets. She was a master. And she passed on the skill to her young street charges. They were good at it, but not as good as Aunt Sonja.

“Take only what you need,” she instructed them. And indeed they did. Except for Dario. He was greedy. He stole off Sonja. He tried it only the once. No one steals off Aunt Sonja.

There’s loyalty among thieves. When I say he tried it only the once, I mean he wasn’t around to try it again.